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The Calm before the Storm

January 15, 2006 - The Saturday before the race had been a rainy, but very balmy 57 degrees, global warming was in full bloom...Uh, little did we know winter would dig into its bag of tricks...

A cold front moved in overnight, the temperature dropped to 25 degrees...The good folks at the Weather Channel calculated the wind chill at 15. We woke up to a howling wind, gusting up to 40+ mph. It was snowing and there were many power outages throughout the state...Great driving weather.

It must be time for the Tradition Run!

The Tradition Run began in 1970 with local teacher Bernie Jurale running up to Castle Craig on his birthday. Bernie set in motion a challenge to every runner to shake off that mid-winter inertia and prove yourself equal to every runner that has gone before. The mountain is waiting...

Gear Up Baby!

You're going to run 3.1 miles through the wind and snow, up a very big hill. Do you go with thin layers and shoot for time...and suffer the freezing cold on the way back down...Or just give in, get out the parka and run to finish? You can see a number of strategies at work here. I'm considering track spikes...

Race Director Chris Bourdon explains the basics to the field, you'll be handed a card with your finishing place at the top. Bring it back down to get your certificate.

Off, and up, we go. The start tests those quads early, you climb a small hill to reach the level of the reservoir.

The wind blowing off the ice is the very definition of "wind chill."

Fashion or function? You decide.

You get your first mile time from a volunteer in a pickup truck. Your time doesn't seem to relate to your first mile split in any other race you've ever run...

Some years the dam in mile 2 is basking in bright sunshine. Not this year.

By crossing the dam you have completed the preliminaries. You won't see level road again.

Turn this corner and you will be introduced to the real Tradition Run, a long steady climb that reduces many to a slow shuffle.

Willpower and determination get you to the Mile 2 checkpoint.

Split times start to lose their importance.

With about a half mile to go you face a stretch where geological forces have created a monster. The steepest slope to climb when you least need it, "The Wall" will be remembered by everyone to pass this way.

The home stretch provides the first glimpse of Castle Craig,
the stone tower perched here for over 100 years.

Windswept with snow, the road leads you up to the finish line.

There's nothing like the top of East Peak in winter!

Join us on January 21, 2007 for the 38th running!


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