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Autographs & Postcards

Running Past Signature Series - Autographed Cards
Produced by Running Past, these large cards measure 5"x 7" and feature groundbreaking athletes of track & field. Each has been autographed by the athlete shown, with a portrait drawn by Boston and NYC Marathon artist Andrew Yelenak.  The back has biographical information and a description of their greatest race. The cards are printed on heavy stock and come in rigid plastic protective holders
#2 - Bobbi Gibb (USA)
Autograph Card

Roberta "Bobbi" Gibb is the first woman to run the Boston Marathon, shattering the gender barrier in 1966. She atutographed these cards during July 2021 at her home in Massachusetts.

$18.00 plus shipping

Click to read Bobbi's story on the card back.

#3 - Billy Mills (USA)
Autograph Card

Billy Mills is the only American to win the Olympic 10,000 meter run. In possiblly the greatest finishing lap ever, Billy out-kicked world record holders to win the gold medal at the 1964 Tokyo Games in 1964. Billy signed these cards in July 2021 at his home in California.

$18.00 plus shipping

Click to read Billy's story on the card back.

#1 - Henry Rono (Kenya)
Autograph Card

Henry Rono was the #1 ranked runner in the world in 1978. He set 4 world records in 81 days and was one of the most outstanding talents in the history of running. Henry signed these cards in the summer of 2007.


Click to read Henry's story on the card back.

1968 Mexico Olympic Postcard
This postcard highlights "The Aztec Ball Game".

$10.00 includes shipping
Please e-mail us to reserve it.

"Olympian Heroes" Limited Edition Print
Autographed by 20 Olympic Athletes
produced by HSJ, Inc.

Uncut trading card sheets signed & numbered
featuring 20 inspirational U.S. Olympians

The Olympian HeroesT series is a special one-of-a-kind collector series of signed uncut trading card sheets that feature 20 inspirational U.S. Olympians. The "Olympian Heroes" print represents a diverse group of American Olympians who have earned a total of 66 Olympic medals (45 gold, 10 silver & 11 bronze). A certificate of authenticity is included.

Athletes who have signed this print

Jeff Blatnick   Mitch Gaylord
Dr. Sammy Lee   Mike Powell
Greg Louganis   Bruce Jenner
Bob Mathias   Kim Rhode
Cliff Meidl   Rafer Johnson
Shannon Miller   Mark Spitz
Mike Eruzione   Karch Kiraly
Billy Mills   Dwight Stones
John Nabor   Jenny Thompson
Derek Parra   Peter Vidmar

$695.00 plus $20.00 shipping
Please e-mail us to reserve a print.


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