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Vintage Photos

Click on the pictures to view a large image.

Edward Payson Weston

Edward Payson Weston - The Father of Modern Pedestrianism - 1861

A long distance walker or "pedestrian" who gained fame through his cross country walks. In 1861 he walked from Boston to Washington D.C. in 10 days, stopping overnight in our hometown, Wallingford, Connecticut.

Walter G. George

Walter G. George - 1886 World Record Holder for the Mile

The "Champion of Champions" Walter G. George ran 4:12.75 for the mile in 1886, a record that stood for 29 years! Nice Allen & Ginter lithograph.

Alf Shrubb

Alf Shrubb - Circa 1900

"The Little Wonder" Alfie Shrubb set many world records...Read about his legendary performances at a web site dedicated to his exploits, they have some great Tom Longboat photos too! Link opens a new browser window.

1904 Boston Marathon

Earliest Known Photo of the Boston Marathon - 1904

Sammy Mellor is shown leading at 22 miles of the 8th running of the Boston Marathon. This amazing photo shows wonderful detail of children, bicyclists and horse-drawn carriages accompanying the leader. Its a shame Sammy dropped out of the race shortly after this picture was taken. How the area looks now.

1906 Boston Marathon

Very Rare Photo of the Boston Marathon - Circa 1906

The leaders run through Wellesley Center. The car in the foreground is a 1906 White Steam Car. Note the military attendants riding bikes along side the runners. The view now.

Thomas Longboat

Thomas Longboat - 1907 Boston Marathon Champion

Thomas Longboat, an Onondaga Indian from Canada, is pictured sitting in the front seat next to the driver. The other "swells" in this picture include Canadian athletes Ned Hanlon (rowing), Bill Durnan (hockey) and Lou Scholes (rowing). The policeman is Frederic Townsend, identified by his granddaughter Lyn Hand.

Thanks to Brian Bjolin for the links to the athletes!

Thomas Longboat Boston Marathon

Thomas Longboat in Action at the 1907 Boston Marathon

Thomas Longboat is shown leading the 1907 Boston Marathon. During this race a freight train delayed most of the field, including two Olympic gold medalists, by blocking their path at the Framingham crossing. Longboat turned pro within a year of this victory and never competed at Boston again.

John J. Hayes - 1908 Olympic Marathon Champion

A great portrait of Johnny Hayes in his track regalia.

1908 US Olympic Marathoners

Competitors walk to the start in front of Windsor Castle. Pictured are Americans Alton Welton (34), Johnny Hayes (26), Tom Morrissey (23) and Mike Ryan (31). Italian Dorando Pietri (19) lurks in the background.

Photo courtesy of Michael Bowlby


The Start of the 1908 Olympic 400 Meter Final

The beginning of one of the most controversial races in Olympic history.

Jack Eldredge

Jack Eldredge - 1910 Coast to Coast Run

Jack set a World Record in 1910 by running from Boston to San Francisco in 100 days.

Fred S. Cameron

Fred S. Cameron - 1910 Boston Marathon Champion

Nova Scotia's Fred Cameron wins the 1910 Boston Marathon in 2:28:52

Clarence DeMar

Clarence H. DeMar - 1912 Studio Portrait

DeMar was the defending Boston Marathon champion and a media star in 1912. This youthful portrait (age 24) proves he wasn't always a grizzled old yankee.

Henry Louis Scott

Henry Louis Scott - 1912 Olympian

Scott was a distance specialist, competing in the 5000m, 10,000m, 3000m team race and cross country.

Clarence DeMar

Clarence DeMar Gets an Award at Home Plate in 1924

In Boston Braves Park then 4 time Boston Marathon winner Clarence DeMar gets an award from the American Legion for success in their membership drive.

Chuck Mellor Boston Marathon

Chuck Mellor Wins the 1925 Boston Marathon

Chuck is pursued by Clarence DeMar and Frank Zuna. Mellor has a newspaper stuffed in his shirt to protect him from a chill wind.

Johnny Miles Boston Marathon

Canadian Johnny Miles Runs to a Surprise Victory in the 1926 Boston Marathon

Johnny Miles smiles as he notches his first of two Boston Marathon wins. He ran a course record 2:25:40 and won by 4 minutes.

Clarence DeMar Wins a 44 Mile Race in 1928

On St. Patrick's Day in 1928 Clarence DeMar won a 44 mile race from Providence to Boston in 5 hours, 41 minutes and 37 seconds.

Was this a good warmup for Boston? A month later DeMar won the Boston Marathon for the sixth time, running a course record 2:37:07.

Here's a Timer's medal from the same race the following year.
The amputated winged-foot is an interesting touch on the medal!
The sponsor was Shepard's Deparment Store, one of the largest in New England, located in downtown Providence.

Medal photo courtesy of Gerard Ottaviano

Clarence DeMar Boston Marathon

Clarence DeMar Wins the 1930 Boston Marathon

Clarence DeMar wins Boston for a record 7th time.

Paul deBruyn Boston Marathon

Paul deBruyn Wins the 1932 Boston Marathon

Paul De Bruyn wins Boston in 2:33:36.

Johnny Kelley 1935 Boston Marathon

Johnny Kelley wins his first Boston Marathon in 1935

Old Kel' gets his first win. A marvelous photo by E. Morgan Savage.

Clarence DeMar completing the 1936 Boston Marathon

Clarence DeMar is shown crossing the finish line.

Ellison Tarzan Brown

Ellison "Tarzan" Brown appears in a 1939 issue of PIC Magazine

The 1936 and 1939 Boston Marathon winner is photographed in full Indian headdress. Ellison was a Narragansett Indian.

Les Pawson 1939 Boston Marathon

Les Pawson Three Time Boston Champ Defends his Title in 1939

Rhode Island's Les Pawson runs the Newton Hills attempting to defend his Boston title. He would finish fifth.

Joe Smith Boston Marathon 1942

Joe Smith Runs a Course Record in the 1942 Boston Marathon

Joe Smith ran 2:26:51. Here he's pictured running past the statue of Leif Ericson on Commonwealth Ave with 3/4 of a mile to go. Nice wheels BAA!

Jock Semple Charlie Robbins Boston Marathon 1945

BAA Teammates Jock Semple and Charlie "Doc" Robbins run through Newton in the 1943 Boston Marathon

Well-known Boston Marathon race co-director Jock Semple tackles the hills chased by his fellow unicorn wearing teammate, Connecticut running legend Doc Robbins.

Johnny Kelley 1945 Boston Marathon

Johnny Kelley Wins the 1945 Boston Marathon with a Smile

A great shot of Johnny cruising down Commonwealth, knowing his second win is in the bag.

1949 Boston Marathon
Karl Leandersson Karl Leandersson wins by almost 3 minutes, running 2:31:50. Karl Leandersson The winner, Karl Leandersson, gets wrapped in a wool blanket.
Vic Dyrgall
Vic Dyrgall of New York's Millrose AA finishes in 2:34:42. Lou White Lou White of the BAA finishes 3rd in 2:36:48.

Shigeki Tanaka 1951 Boston Marathon

Shigeki Tanaka wins the 1951 Boston Marathon

19 year old Shigeki Tanaka of Japan, a survivor of the Hiroshima bombing, wins in 2:27:45.

Jim Peters 1954 Boston Marathon

Jim Peters - Competing in the 1954 Boston Marathon

Jim Peters, then the world record holder for the marathon, comes home 2nd in Boston.

Johnny Kelley 1954 Boston Marathon

Johnny Kelley (The Younger) Finishes 7th in the 1954 Boston Marathon

Johnny runs 2:28:51 on a course later found to be short.

Emil Zatopek

Emil Zatopek - "The Locomotive" racing in 1957

The only athlete to ever win the 5K, 10K and marathon in the same Olympics.

Johnny Kelley

Johnny Kelley (The Elder) and Johnny Kelley (The Younger)

The two Kelleys get ready to run during the early 1960s.

Photo by Jessie Kelley

Johnny Kelley 1963 Boston Marathon

Young John finishing the 1963 Boston Marathon

A great photo of Johnny Kelley finishing 2nd in 1963, a super detailed crowd shot. Johnny ran 2:21:09, beating Olympic gold medalists Abebe Bikila and Mamo Wolde. That's Brit Brian Kilby in third place.

Bill Rodgers

Bill Rodgers - 1981

Bill racing through East Rock Park during the 1981 New Haven 20K.

Photo by Andy Yelenak

1982 Boston Marathon

Germany's Charlotte Teske Wins

Spectators Abuse Police Equipment
Charlotte Teske
Boston Marathon Spectators 1982
Charlotte nears the turn on to Hereford Street as the enormous crowd cheers her on.
It's never easy to get a good
spot near the finish line.
Photos by Andy Yelenak

Marcus O'Sullivan Wanamaker Mile

Marcus O'Sullivan Winning the 1989 Wanamaker Mile

Marcus runs the bell lap on his way to a 3:54.27 mile at the Millrose games in Madison Square Garden

Running Photos from the 70's and 80's by Leo Kulinski, Jr.

If you'd like to see some great photos of stars from the running boom years, click the link above. It will open a new browser window.

Running Photos from the 70's and 80's from Bob Hodges' Collection

For more great photos from the running boom years click the link above. It will open a new browser window.

Uta Pippig

Uta Pippig Headed for Her Second Boston Marathon Victory - 1995

About 5 miles into her race, Uta heads for her second of three straight Boston Marathon wins.

Photo by Andy Yelenak

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