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Eight years in the making, the mural "Fighting for Freedom" was painted by Wallingford native, Andrew J. Yelenak to honor our veterans. The resulting painting is a stunning panoramic image encompassing the wars of the 20th century.

The mural stretches 20 feet across the hall of the Major Raoul Lufbery VFW Post 591 in Wallingford, Connecticut. Veterans of WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf War are represented in a colorful, incredibly detailed montage. The painting features a portrait of Major Raoul Lufbery, the WWI fighter ace and is anchored by a beautiful two foot tall rendering of the Purple Heart Medal.

The complete mural

Upon the completion of the mural during the summer of 2005, the membership of Post 591 decided that the painting would make a beautiful poster, and a poster would be an excellent fundraiser for charities that support our veterans. Posters are available here and the proceeds from the sales will be used to send care packages to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as donated to the following VFW programs:

  • Voice of Democracy
  • Patriots Pen
  • Unmet Needs Foundation
  • Operation Uplink
  • Little League
  • Connecticut VA Hospital

Detailed photos of the painting

Andrew Yelenak painting the mural. It measures 20 feet wide by 6 feet tall.

This is a detail from the lower left of the painting, infantry venture into "No Man's Land" and a German plane has been shot down by Lufbery during WW1.

Detail - jet fighters - Korea

P38 Lightning

A10 Warthogs

The mural is located at VFW Post 591, 23 Prince Street, Wallingford CT 06492
VFW Post Email: vfw591@ymail.com

Major Raoul Lufbery

  Overview   |   Order a Poster   |   About the Mural   |   About the Artist